Our farm, our passion


My name is Steve Smith-Fleury, special educator, founder of the Adventure Club for troubled youth (École St-Paul), leisure technician, maple syrup producer and farmer. My partner, Caroline Héroux, is the owner of a family daycare since 2010. A love for the country side led me, in 2003, to settle with my partner and three kids in the Gatineau valley area. We had our three beautiful kids join us in our adventure in subsequent years.

In 2013, we purchased a magnificent 225 acre farm which includes a sugar shack of 500 notches in the town of Low. At the farm, we raise quails, rabbits, ducks, emus, and pigs.

A passion for dog sledding convinced us of the joy of living in the country and especially to enjoy our cold winters. This passion dates back to my youth.

Caroline and I launched  our company, Ferme L'Aventure, in the fall of 2014. This name was chosen to remind us that we are living a great and wonderful adventure with our three children. 

Our farm, our passion.